Sloppy Bowl Specifications

 Material     Quadrant EPP Proteus® PP, Natural Homopolymer Polypropylene 
  (Manufacturer Data Sheet)
 Canada AG
 USP Class VI
 Capacity  56 oz. (1.65 L)
 Height  5.25" (133.35 mm) 
 Width  11.75"  (298.45 mm) 
 Bowl Width  8" (203.2 mm)
 Bowl Height  3.25" (82.6 mm)

SloppyBowl  :: How it's Made

The SloppyBowl is a hand-crafted item, made by a process known as Thermoforming, or Vacuum Forming.  A square piece of polypropelene is affixed to a heating frame and inserted into an oven to warm the plastic to it's forming point.  The frame is then lowered over the pattern tool, and a vacuum is applied to bring the plastic around the form.  The plastic cools around the form and the part is essentially made.  The formed part is installed onto a trimming table, where the edge is trimmed with a cutting tool.  As you can see, this is a labor intensive process.

Being that these bowls are hand made, there's going to be some experience marks on the finished product.  The surface will not be 100% smooth (as if were manufactured out of a high volume injection mold).   


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